Sometimes when you go through painful life events, you do things to change up your style, life, routine… I have been known to change my hair color after every break up. On more severe instances I have changed my diet (went vegan that one time) or got into running/walking. It’s a pretty common thing that most people do.

After my last miscarriage, I started becoming a little (read: extreme) obsessed with calorie deficits in my diet to lose the baby pouch that no longer served a purpose. I hate to admit it to more than my husband, but I was eating at a daily deficit of 500-1000 calories, averaging about 700 calories deficit. However I wasn’t losing shit. My weight has pretty much not changed since before pregnancy. Really… I was 148 lbs before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. Yes, there was some small fluctuations, but I should have lost a little after eating at the deficit I was eating for almost four weeks.

Then lo and behold!!! My thyroid is my problem… and things started to make a little sense.

So I talked to my sister-in-law who I consider very well informed in exercise and diet. I consulted the internet looking for scholarly articles along with real life experiences. The one “diet” that seemed to keep repeating in all these things was a paleo diet, which is not a diet at all but a lifestyle. It seems like most people with hypothyroidism or hashimoto tend to do better cutting out dairy, grains, legumes, and basically all processed foods and sugars.


Well from what research I’ve found, there is this thing called Leaky Gut that can lead to/effect autoimmune disorders. Basically the things that go into your stomach get leaked into your bloodstream in higher concentrations than a normal working body. Causing agitations and the like. So paleo cuts out most of the foods known to agitate like gluten and lactose. Now I’m still not firm on that science, but that at least makes sense to me.

In general paleo isn’t that bad of a lifestyle even if it isn’t to help with autoimmune disorders. It is all about eating natural, unprocessed food, aka: veggies, meat, and fruit! The husband and I used this weekend to get to know paleo meals which mostly are a huge plate of veggies with a side of meat. We had pizza soup, roasted chicken and veggies, banana ice cream, and more. It was all so delicious.

So I’m trying this lifestyle until my next blood draw. Between this and medication, I hope to change my life and routine for the better. Even if it doesn’t help my thyroid as much as I hope it does, it can’t hurt to eat natural and unprocessed food. So here is my break up change (the break up in this instance is metaphorical for my last miscarriage if you didn’t catch on). I’m going to try to eat almost entirely fruits, veggies, and meat and see what happens.

Wish me luck!


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