No, MTHFR Does Not Stand For MotherFer

So like I posted on Facebook, I have been waiting to get through some doctors appointments before posting on here. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is not the only thing they uncovered in my RPL panel a month ago. They also found this genetic mutation that causes a whole slew of shit but mainly blood clotting and blocking much needed folic acid. So while I have done SO MUCH INTERNETS on these matters, I really wanted to hear from professionals before I went ahead with posting all about these things in here.

Well, I am still waiting on talking to MORE professionals because my OB wants me to go to a hematologist where they will have better knowledge on how to handle my MTHFR mutation in the long run and during my next pregnancy. From what my OB has researched, she believes that daily shots of lovenox will be in my future. Which some of you might be checking through that last sentence again because you know I have a huge and horrible phobia of needles and syringes. Yes, along with getting my blood stolen every four weeks, I will also have to inject myself with blood thinner daily the next time I am pregnant. Fun, right?! The internal panicking is at least tightly lidded inside me for now.

Regardless, I am glad we now know what we do. I am glad that there are solutions (though they are terrible and dumb) that will hopefully give us a sustainable pregnancy the next time around. We found the answers, now we need to work on the solutions.

I need to lower my TSH levels by about 5 points?! Which through diet and medicine, I hope will happen sooner than the 6 months my endocrinologist thinks. I also need to make sure that I am getting enough folate in my system. Since taking folic acid won’t help, I am assuming I will probably be put on methylfolate since it is the active form. There is probably more we will have to do (don’t forget those daily shots), but for now this is what I can do to improve my health until I get the okay to start trying again.

It’s frustrating when Plan A was to make babies and have a family, but Plan A does not work. So now we are on Plan B. We are discovering what Plan B is, what it will take, and how it will effect our lives from this point forward. But that’s why this blog is called that. Plan A was the easy path. Plan B seems harder, but it will be worth it in the end.


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